Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Photos from the Marick Press Mini-literary festival's Friday night readings

Marick Press Authors, from left to right: Peter Conners, David Matlin, Derick Burleson, Sean Thomas (poolhall junkie) Dougherty, Susan Kelly-DeWitt and Jim Schley

Peter Conners reads from his new book, Emily Ate the Wind, against a backdrop of “urban art”

The words from Sean Thomas Dougherty’s new book, The Blue City, seem to flow through his fingers into his chest and out his mouth.

Marick Press authors chat under blushing green trees outside the Grosse Pointe Artists Center

Derick Burleson reads from Never Night, his new book shiny in the foreground.

With his new book As When, In Season in hand, Jim Schley tells us where he’s coming from.

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